ProKote International, Inc., announced today the launching of their new “ProKote AF Anti-Friction” ‘Engine-Care’ product line under the “ProKote Protection Formula” umbrella. The news was released during a private press conference held at their facilities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Mr. Jonathan Banko, President of ProKote International, Inc., expressed that the first product to be introduced is “ProKote AF Anti-Friction”, which is a complete engine treatment that will ‘literally extend the life of any engine to which it is added’. This is in harmony with the company’s logo: “A New Lease On Life for Your Engine!”. Its unique formula reduces friction, thus reducing wear, temperature, and increasing mileage. Even though some similar products have been in the marketplace for sometime now, Mr. Banko pointed out that the state-of-the-art technology behind the development of ProKote AF’s formula is expected to make it the highest selling product of its type worldwide.

The news indicated that “ProKote AF Anti-Friction” would soon be followed by a full range of products for the ultimate ‘Car-Care’ enthusiast to be used inside and out of the engine. Among others you will find, ‘ProKote FT Fuel Treatment’, ‘ProKote HTG High-Tech Greases’, ‘ProKote 6×1 Multi-Purpose Protective Lubricant’, ‘ProKote UK Ultra-Kleen Concentrated Multi-Purpose Car-Cleaner’, ‘ProKote GK Glass-Kote Windshield Rain & Fog Remover’, ‘ProKote NW No-Water Car-Wash & Shine’, and ‘ProKote DK Diamond-Kote Ultra-Gloss Car-Shine Paint Sealer & Regenerator’. The next innovative product line to be seen from ProKote International will be the here indicated new “ProKote FT Fuel Treatment”, which is a special fuel system treatment and cleaner for gasoline and diesel engines that does exactly what a fuel treatment should do… It not only cleans by removing dirt, carbon deposits and water from the fuel system components, but it also provides an on-going protection by ‘lubricating’ the entire fuel system preventing the formation of future deposits. This protection can last up to several weeks, even after the original fuel tank has been used up completely.

ProKote will be introduced simultaneously in several countries such as, Germany, Korea, Taiwan, Colombia, Australia & New Zealand, and in some limited markets within the USA. The objective is to have it available in other mayor international markets by the end of the year 2003. For this aggressive introduction plan, ProKote International has already rolled out an intensive campaign to hire the best independent distributors in these markets. Those interested in becoming part of this success story are encouraged to contact the company directly.

Additionally, the company will be taking the necessary steps to obtain approvals from several important OEM’s for the use of “ProKote AF Anti-Friction” in the automotive industry. This will enhance the product’s credibility within our industry segments and beyond. “‘ProKote AF Anti-Friction’ can be used wherever you want to minimize metal friction and wear… thus improving performance”, Mr. Banko expressed.