Automotive Line

The automotive line of ProKote is divided in two categories, both of the latest technology for the protection of your vehicle.

The first one is dedicated to the care of your engine and mechanical parts.

The second is for appearance, specialized in maintaining your automobile clean and beautiful.

Both lines are of the up most importance if you want to keep your car in a ¨like-new¨ condition for a long time… protecting it against mechanical wear and the continuous attacks caused by the hazardous effects of our environment.

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Industrial Line

ProKote´s Hi-Tech industrial line is divided in four areas, designed for the protection and service of industry.

These products provide for a wide range of applications, from lubricants and anti-friction additives, EP (extreme pressure) greases, corrosion protection agents, to specialized chemicals, such as solvents, cleaners and degreasers.

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General Purpose

ProKote offers a general-purpose line of products for professional and household work.

These products are designed for a variety of uses, such as specialized EP (extreme pressure) lubricants that not only lubricate, but also penetrate, clean, and protect against friction and corrosion… all in one single application! Its benefits are virtually everywhere you have metal rubbing against metal.

Finally, these new generation products also include very effective household cleaners and degreasers. You can use them in many of your day-to-day activities.

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Product Feature

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